Two energy reduction volunteer positions...

As I look this year at how to progress the energy reduction commitments of our organisation, I've posted two significant volunteer positions to expand my sense of who we might work with in pursuit of important energy goals. The two roles fit within a project called "Uniting to GREEN" where GREEN stands for:

G enerate awareness:             effective measurement of energy usage
R eform behaviour:                 human behaviour change
E nsure efficiency:                   appropriate renewal of inefficient appliances
E nhance buildings:                 improve the thermal performance of building envelopes
N ormalise renewables:          safely generate remaining energy needs

Links to the two roles at Seek are:

"Uniting to GREEN" Volunteer Project Manager
"Uniting to GREEN" Volunteer Sourcing Specialist

...and the MS Word file descriptions of the roles are available at:

Project Manager Word File
Sourcing Specialist Word File

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