"Sustainable travel means supporting local businesses wherever we travel"

11 travel bloggers share their perspectives on what sustainable travel means....

As a traveller I would like to contribute to local economies as much as I can, so I rarely choose big international travel operators for my travels.

There are thousands of tour companies out there and sadly some of them exploit local people and their desperation caused by poverty. A lot of local people often haven’t got the knowledge that throwing plastic bottles in the jungle can kill wildlife and plants or that the extensive use of tourist river boats is polluting the rivers for example.

What if golf courses will be donated to prosper agriculture?

What if golf courses will be converted into a land of new beginnings for informal settlers and people alike? That it may be a place where we can teach them on how start a livelihood, to grow a community of enterprise so they do not have to beg, to rob, or to be desperate anymore?

From http://csrlife.wordpress.com/2014/04/02/what-if-we-allocate-golf-courses-for-something-else/

Lunch money: Can schoolkids really eat local without breaking the bank?

From Nathanael Johnson:

"It seems like you should be able to buy fresh local meat and vegetables at lower prices than frozen pizza — and you can. But that’s like saying you can buy steel for less than you can buy a car. It’s the processing that costs money. When you get food right from the farm, it takes some work to cook it — whereas the cooking of chicken tenders is largely automated, and very cheap."


Leaders should celebrate the local.....


Social Capitalist and Community Enthusiast Peter Kenyon is my new Localist of the Week


Diversity ...not monoculture...

ImprovEverywhere's pantsless train riding project grows in 2014

via  http://grist.org/list/did-you-miss-the-no-pants-subway-ride-here-are-the-thighlights/