I'm searching for local board members. Know anyone?

I am in the process of searching for board members for Uniting Church schools and community service agencies. These are people from both within beyond the Church who the Church's Synod either appoints (in some cases) or recommends for appointment (in other cases) on to the respective boards. The challenge of finding volunteer board members is one faced by all community organisations. Board membership is often seen as being a big responsibility and not much fun either. But board membership in a contemporary environment offers a chance to bring knowledge, wisdom and skills together in creative ways to help organisations find new ways through complex challenges.
The advertisement linked below offers more details of what we are looking for. In it I have included a recent newspaper article where I noted: The three key areas which were identified as highly desirable for board members include: governance experience, an ability to gain a depth of knowledge of the Uniting Church in Australia and wisdom. "We will need a good cohort of people who demonstrate strength in these three areas as well as other professional skills they may bring with them,” said Pyle.
My hope is that we might find a cohort of people who are up for the challenge of competent, careful and creative governance oversight of some significant local institutions.

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